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Diary Management Service

jenny telephone answeringRunning along side our telephone answering service is our diary management option. Using either our own bespoke online diary or other online provider (such as Google Calendar or Bookeo) we can book your callers in for appointments, meetings, advise of availability or handle cancellations.

  • Appointments are updated online in real time so no double-bookings
  • You can be alerted of cancellations or new appointments by text message
  • We work as if we were in your front office
  • 30 day free trial available

Everything is done in real time so no double-bookings can arise and as the diary management runs in tandem with our telephone answering service you can be notified via text, email or telephone of any cancellations or new appointments made. Again, as with the answering service, you tell us what you need to know and how, we tailor our service to work with your business.

As with our call answering, your callers are greeted with your company name (or however you ask us to greet them), our operators will then listen to the callers requirements/questions and can then check the diary, book them in, make a cancellation or confirm an appointment- really exactly what a receptionist in your office would do (but we don’t take holidays or lunch breaks!).

30 Day Free Trial of our Diary Management Services

As with all our services we offer new enquiries a free trial, this allows you to see how it works for your business and is also an ideal period for us to learn about your clients needs and expectations.

Please call us on 0845 165 0444 or click here to apply online now.