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Call Answering for Solar Insulation Company

jenny telephone answeringOur client is a company that has offered both free insulation and free solar panels through the use of government grants but they require to know which of their callers are eligible for these offers before they can begin to work with them.

Our service has been utilised so that we can gather specific information on the eligibility of each caller to receive a Government grant.

  • Specific questions asked as per client’s requirements and eligibility sent direct to the client.
  • Call operators trained to use the companies own form via an external link to this.
  • Calls answered in company name in a proficient manner.

The company are able to spend their time contacting only those who are eligible for the service that they offer instead of wasting their time on those who are not as they rely upon AnswerFirst operators to filter their calls between eligible and not.

Free Trial of our Services

Just as we did with the above client, we offer all new enquiries a free trial of our service, this allows you to see how it works for your business and is also an ideal period for us to learn about your clients needs and expectations. Please call us on 0845 165 0444 or click here to apply for your 30 day free trial today.